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018: Kliph Scurlock (Flaming Lips, Gruff Rhys, Psychic Heat)

Kliph Scurlock was born to a musician mother and policeman father in Kansas. He tells Joe how he began his career with The Flaming Lips as a roadie and eventually realized his dream of becoming the band’s drummer for over a decade. He also discusses his controversial departure from the Lips and his continued musical…

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017: Victor Delorenzo (Violent Femmes, Nineteen Thirteen)

Joe talks to Victor Delorenzo about seeing Sun Ra perform at the Racine Zoo, entering the arts as an actor, co-founding the successful and incredibly influential Violent Femmes, and remaining creative and prolific as a member of several groups including Lorenzo Menzerschmidt and Nineteen Thirteen.

016: Stella Mozgawa (Warpaint)

Joe talks to Stella Mozgawa about her Polish heritage, her musican parents, how a benign lie became the truth, how she evolved beyond her competitive nature, and her creative collaboration in Warpaint.

015: John Herndon (Tortoise, 5ive Style, Isotope 217)

Joe talks to John Herndon about growing up on a commune; leading a musical movement with Tortoise, 5ive Style, and Isotope 217; his side career as a tattoo artist; and raising his kids in LA. Photo credit: Jim Newberry

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