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120: Jose Medeles (1939 Ensemble, The Breeders, Revival Drum Shop)

Illinois native, Jose Medeles, made his way to California as a young man; and his stunning musical versatility served him well as he performed with everyone from Joey Ramone to Ben Harper. Jose gained international exposure when he joined Kim Deal in The Breeders. He is now the proprietor Revival Drum Shop, considered by many…

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119: Jon Szanto (Harry Partch Ensemble, San Diego Symphony)

Jon Szanto possesses a rare combination of rigorous virtuosity and emotional intelligence. These qualities have served him well in a 40 year career, spanning Harry Partch to the San Diego Symphony. Now contemplating retirement, Jon talks about why–even if he isn’t playing full time–music will always be fundamental to his makeup.

BNS: Stephen Perkins Answers Listener Questions

Stephen Perkins answers your questions about: acid, The Grateful Dead, Eric Avery, etc. Make sure to check out his full length episode; subscribe to The Trap Set on iTunes or your favorite podcast app.

118: Stephen Perkins (Jane’s Addiction, Porno For Pyros, Banyan, NiN, Infectious Grooves)

Jane’s Addiction rose from the LA club scene to become one of their generation’s most influential bands, due in no small part to the iconoclastic, tribal-influenced contributions of Stephen Perkins. Stephen tells Joe about growing up in Los Angeles, his tryout for Jane’s addiction, his love of the Grateful Dead, fatherhood, and more. Also check…

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117: Marian Li Pino (La Luz)

Marian Li Pino’s wild, inventive drumming has helped La Luz emerge as one of the most interesting rock bands working today. She tells Joe about her childhood in Washington state, feeling pressured to pursue something other than music, relentlessly searching for (and finding) the right band, and her love of rest stop pretzels.

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