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072: Gina Schock (The Go-Go’s, House of Schock)

Gina Schock moved from Baltimore to Los Angeles with the intention of becoming a rock star, and she soon fulfilled her dreams as the drummer of The Go-Go’s. Gina’s monstrous groove and distinctively catchy beats proved integral to the band’s iconic sound. She tells Joe about ruling the pop charts; moving forward after the band’s…

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BNS: Gina Schock Answers Listener Questions

In this bonus mini-episode, Gina Schock answers questions from Jon Wurster, Maggie Vail, Danny Frankel, and more!

071: Sara Lund (Unwound, Coryn Tucker, The Secret Drum Band)

Sara Lund plays drums with a mesmeric groove and enough bombast to make even the most angular rhythms feel compelling. She tells Joe about her childhood as the daughter of a folklorist and potter; the formative experience of seeing Sheila E. and Prince on the Purple Rain tour; discovering punk rock; navigating through difficult band…

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070: Kellii Scott (Failure, Linda Perry, Mark Lanegan)

Kellii Scott moved to Los Angeles at age 17 with dreams of rock stardom. He finally accomplished this goal as the drummer for Failure’s acclaimed 1996 album, Fantastic Planet. After the dissolution of the band, he stayed busy as an artist but fell deep into drug addiction and homelessness. He tells Joe how he got…

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069: Charlie Hall (The War On Drugs, Jens Lekman, Windsor for the Derby)

At various stages in his life, Charlie Hall has been a drummer, guitarist, keyboardist, teacher, and social worker. He tells Joe about his Muppet drum set; the inner workings of The War On Drugs; his fascination with group dynamics; and jazz hats.

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