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116: Ian Chang (Son Lux, Landlady, Ex Reyes)

Hong Kong native Ian Chang grew up a voracious music listener. With a unique style metabolized from disparate influences and an innovative approach to electronic percussion, he is a harbinger of a new era drumming.

115: Ignacio Berroa (Dizzy Gillespie, McCoy Tyner, Tito Puente, Solo Artist)

Born into a musical family, Ignacio Berroa was a first call session musician in his native Havana, Cuba, before emigrating to the US during the Mariel Boatlift. Shortly after his arrival in NY, Ignacio began a twelve year association with Dizzy Gillespie, which led to gigs with a who’s who of jazz and Latin luminaries.…

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114: Butch Vig (Garbage, Fire Town, Spooner)

Butch Vig began his career drumming with various polka outfits and rock bands like Spooner and Fire Town. Also a prolific producer, Butch recorded Nirvana’s breakthrough “Nevermind”, along with landmark albums for bands like Sonic Youth, Die Kreuzen, and Smashing Pumpkins. Not content to stay behind the mixing desk, he also co-founded the massively popular…

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BNS: Damon Che Answers Listeners’ Questions

In this bonus mini-episode, Damon Che answers listener questions about his relationship with Ian Williams, the infamous “Pizza Incident”, underwear preferences, and his propensity for Sabian B8 Pros cymbals.

113: Damon Che (Don Caballero)

As drummer for the highly influential band Don Caballero, Damon Che established himself as one of the most unique and beloved drummers of his generation. But, in 2009, his “creative window” closed; and he stopped playing. He tells Joe about his musical roots, what he’s been up to during his hiatus, giving up alcohol, working…

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112: Charles Connor (Little Richard, Professor Longhair, Shirley & Lee, Sam Cooke)

As drummer for Little Richard, Charles Connor helped invent rock and roll. He tells Joe about working with legends like Richard, Professor Longhair, Shirley & Lee, and Sam Cooke. He also discusses working a day job at KROQ; marrying a woman 30 year after meeting her halfway around the world; his love of “material things”;…

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