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041: John Stanier (Battles, Helmet, Tomahawk)

John Stanier first burst onto the rock scene in the late 80s, as founding drummer of Helmet. He charts the course of that band’s decade long run, which included mainstream, multi-platinum success but ended in acrimony. He tells Joe about the musical evolution that led him to his current band, Battles; and he explains why–despite…

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BNS: Brendan Canty Mini-Episode, Flex Your Head / Rites of Spring

In this bonus mini-episode, Brendan Canty tells Joe about how he got involved with the DC punk scene; playing with the short-lived, but incredibly influential band Rites of Spring; and the genesis of Fugazi. Subscribe to The Trap Set for free to hear Brendan’s full-length episode. (He was guest numero uno.)

BNS: Reggie Watts Bonus Mini-Episode

In this bonus mini-episode, Reggie Watts tells Joe about writing music while on acid. Subscribe to The Trap Set for free to hear Reggie’s full-length episode (#40).

040: Reggie Watts (Late Late Show, Maktub, Solo Artist)

Reggie Watts talks to Joe about growing up in Montana, psychedelic drugs, the spirit of jazz, leading the Late Late Show Band on CBS, virtual reality, and returning to Montana to create Utopian creative compound.

BNS: Dee Plakas Bonus Mini-Episode

In this bonus mini-episode, L7’s Dee Plakas talks to Joe about touring with Melvins. Subscribe to The Trap Set for free to hear Dee’s full-length episode. (Also available: an interview with Dale Crover of Melvins.)

039: Glenn Kotche (Wilco, Solo Artist)

Best known as the drummer for Wilco, Glenn Kotche is also an accomplished classical percussionist and experimental composer. He talks to Joe about the internal workings of Wilco and how he strives for balance between his many creative pursuits and his family life.

BNS: Clem Burke Bonus Mini-Episode

Clem Burke of Blondie Fame tells Joe about how he got started in music and how he ended up playing Carnegie Hall at age fourteen.

BNS: Greg Fox & Kid Millions Bonus Mini-Episode

Greg Fox and Kid Millions call Joe to talk about their fantastic new duo album, “Losttime”. Subscribe to The Trap Set so that you can check out Kid’s full-length episode in our archives (Episode 3), and stay tuned for a new episode featuring Greg sometime soon.

038: Clem Burke (Blondie)

Clem Burke talks about the New York glam scene at Club 82, the punk scene at CBGBs, crafting pop masterpieces with Blondie, and the band’s rise to tremendous international success. He also discusses how he stays inspired and remains creative 40 years into his career.

BNS: DJ Bonebrake Bonus Mini-Episode #2

DJ Bonebrake talks about how X maintained creative control, in spite of signing with major label, Elektra Records.

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