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152: Live in Minnesota (Eric Gravatt, Lori Barbero, Todd Trainer, Gordy Knudtson)

Joe sits down with four of The Twin Cities’ most captivating drummers. Gordy Knudtson and Todd Trainer describe their respective approaches to teaching; Lori Barbero articulates why she doesn’t believe in music education; and Eric Gravatt describes how he just “got it” at an early age and why he left a successful career in music…

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151: Chad Molter (Faraquet, Medications, Grass)

Chad Molter grew up playing bass, but he became picked up drums in a matter of months in order to co-found Faraquet, a DC-based band that merged proggy musical sophistication with the spirit of punk rock. Chad tells Joe about: yearning to leave his native Southern California; developing his self-taught, uniquely melodic style; hiking the…

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ML1: Laura Veirs + Carol Kaye (Beach Boys, Sonny and Cher, Frank Sinatra, etc.)

Over the past several months, Joe has been co-producing a new podcast hosted by Laura Veirs called Midnight Lightning. We’re excited to share the very first episode of that show, featuring Laura’s interview with the legendary bassist (and Joe’s bass teacher), Carol Kaye. The Trap Set returns with a stellar lineup of drummer conversations starting…

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