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094: William Goldsmith (Sunny Day Real Estate, The Fire Theft)

As drummer for Sunny Day Real Estate, William Goldsmith was the emotional core of one of the most influential and enigmatic rock bands of his generation. He was invited to join Dave Grohl as the drummer for the first incarnation of Foo Fighters, but it wasn’t a good fit. William sits down with Joe for…

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093: Lol Tolhurst (The Cure)

As the founding drummer of The Cure, Lol Tolhurst developed a unique style that is sometimes wild and tribal, sometimes precise and machine-like. He tells Joe about growing up in postwar UK; his lifelong friendship with The Cure frontman, Robert Smith; developing the band’s sound through the process of elimination; overcoming addiction; and why he…

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BNS: Carmine Appice Remembers Buddy Rich (Bonus Mini-Episode)

In this bonus, mini-episode, Carmine Appice remembers his relationship with the great Buddy Rich. You can hear Carmine’s full episode by subscribing to The Trap Set for free.

092: Zach Barocas (Jawbox, The Up On In, Bells≥)

While most drummers strive to “play for the song”, Zach Barocas’s unique, innovative drumming is an essential element of the song. He tells Joe about growing up in Rochester, NY; the unusual way he joined the legendary DC band Jawbox; and overcoming struggles with addiction.

091: Adam Wade (Shudder To Think, Jawbox)

Adam Wade’s inventive, angular drumming first emerged in the early 1990s, as DC punk bands began experimenting with more complex, sophisticated song structures than their hardcore predecessors. Adam tells Joe about growing up in Greenwich Village; his time with two highly influential bands–Jawbox and Shudder to Think; how he evolved as a person when he…

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